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 Reservoir Global Network Atlanta is the Outreach Team for Reservoir Global Network Dallas, a ministry of Apostolic transformation, discipleship, outreach, and justice. We serve as commissioned Kingdom believers dedicated to the service of love and compassion. This ministry is supported by the Kingdom of God and his righteousness.

  Our leaders Prophet Netina Harris, Pastor DeJohn Harris and Prophet Raishante Brown are deeply dedicated believers who have served in faith through ministry discernment and creative development.

RGN Atlanta has helped serve alongside RGN Dallas, blending diverse worship groups, heavenly efforts, and spirituality. RGN has led multiple retreats and workshops on spiritual leadership, worship, and restoration.  RGN has gifted teachers and anointed giftings. Our leaders engage in fun, and study of scripture that brings scripture to life in one’s own community.

  In all things, Reservoir Global Network Atlanta challenges believers to ask, where do we see Jesus? and brings a passion for discovering the heart of God in our relationships with the least of these. When we participate in ministry with the poor, it is not simply an act of humanitarian concern, it is an act of sacred communion with Jesus who says he is found with those who are hungry or in prison. It is fundamentally a space of the believer’s transformation.

  RGN Atlanta has a heart for the poor, for peace making and community, they have worked in the arena of teen runaways and restoring families and are advocates for outreach. Prophet Netina, her husband Pastor DeJohn and daughter Prophet Raishante are a picture of God’s love.