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Provoker | Spiritual Midwife | Mentor

A true midwife operates from a place of deep respect and reverence for life. She understands suffering and is therefore capable of generous compassion. Such a midwife is able to stand in her strength yet be as flexible as a willow branch in the wind, in order to withhold her projections and refrain from disturbing the process of labor and birth. A good midwife tends her spiritual garden and nurtures it, making sure she herself is nourished from the Heavenly Father. 


Raishante Brown Gatewood lives in Atlanta, Ga. And have experienced deep rejection in her life. This rejection is a hurt that runs deep in our Nations. There were many days when Raishante cried buckets of tears in the presence of God, she has come a long way. Raishante is married to husband Shannon Gatewood who supports her in all her endeavors. She is the mother of a beautiful daughter Ki’Vee Norah Gatewood.   


Raishante has an Apostolic grace upon her life and she continues to seek the Father’s instructions as she has now yielded to becoming a spiritual midwife helping those birth the very thing God has placed in their lives. Today she is filled with courage, and she’s unafraid to take a stand. She is a midwife who is called to protect spiritual births.