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Administrator | Apostolic Leader | Author

Overseer of The Moses Strategy & RGN Atlanta

Prophet Netina Harris called to anchor, men, and women in the truth,  a living epistle of God’s Double-Edge Sword that men and women can look upon and be taught how to discern truth from contamination.

She is a builder of a fortified foundation, a sword to false foundations and weak principles.
Prophet Netina Harris announces the Lord’s coming and His judgment. A great piercing blows into the darkness of deception even to its deepest shadows and cover-ups to shine the light of the Lord. She is a contender in the Lord.

Prophet Netina is the author of Arrested Development and D.I.P. a Manuel on Deliverance, Intercession, and Prophecy. She is a strong builder and Apostolic General. Her mission is to impact nations with the gospel by equipping men and women from around the world to walk in their God-given purpose and fulfill destiny.