"I am so grateful for Broken By Grace, it can at a time when I was so broken. God sent Apostle LaSheka to love and guide me back into a place with Him. The kindness and selflessness shown to me is beyond words. The teachings and being taught how to rightly divide The Word of Truth have pushed me into a place with God I couldn’t see for myself. Before Broken by Grace I felt so alone, I’m am so grateful for my Broken by Grace family. Thank you Apostle LaSheka and Broken by Grace."

Prophet C. Lightfoot

"Prophets, prophetic people, intercessors, psalmist, liturgical dancers, mimers, flaggers, you are not crazy. We are needed! At “Broken By Grace” we are understood and pushed to become and take hold of all God has purposed. You can be you, the genuine  authentic you amongst Kingdom minded people; a family infused atmosphere!  Although we have been there for a short amount of time, the teachings and wisdom given not only by Mentor Apostle Lasheka but even the other mentees, there has been growth and our eyes have been opened to things we have not understood. 


“Broken By Grace”, an answer to our questions!"

Prophets L. & S. Wallace

"Broken by Grace has been the necessary help and push needed to grow in many aspects of life. The display of love, selflessness, integrity  and passion from Apostle LaSheka is admirable and I am beyond grateful. The wisdom, knowledge & revelation that is shared are gems that is applicable to your everyday life and that you are bound to see great change once applied. Not only is the mentoring with Apostle LaSheka phenomenal but there is such a great community amongst the mentees. The connections made, love shared, safe place to be your true self and sense of welcoming is overwhelming and truly amazing. I will cherish this opportunity and experience of being apart of Broken by Grace forever!"

Priest A. Matthews

Apostle LaSheka is a great Mentor, very understanding and always willing to help, she continues to learn to improve being a better Mentor making her an awesome Mentee😊


She’s a great motivator and quite inspiring. In order to understand “Broken By Grace” she first herself had to go through the process of being “BROKEN” she has a great support system she’s led by the Holy Spirit and she’s an incredible leader. 


This is by far the best Mentorship Course I’ve ever experienced and I’m grateful to be apart. Thank you

Apostolic Prophet N. Harris

"Broken by Grace has been a safe place for me to grow in the principles of the Kingdom of God and operating prophetically. This mentorship program has effectively equipped me in my place as a prophet and pastor. Revelation that are released could only be revealed by God through HIs Wisdom. The leaders break everything down to make the teachings palatable. It truly has been great for understanding my mandate in the earth and actually applying the understanding to my walk. I know and believe many will be blessed from what God is doing through this mentorship! I highly recommend beginning the program entry process. Astounding!"

Pastor T. Irby

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