Sons Of the Eternal is the School Of Worship under the management of Two Breathe Music Ministry. Sons Of the Eternal or what we call S.O.E is designed to train, restore, and refresh the 5-Fold music ministry gifts. This 5-Fold music ministry gift includes: Prophets (the Voice of God), Intercessors (Supplication), Movement (Flag Ambassadors and Prophetic Dance) Minstrels (the Sound of Heaven), Psalmists (the River of God and the Song of the Lord). S.O.E runs about three to four times a year with a full ministry staff that operates in all music ministry gifts.​

The foundation of SOE Sons Of the Eternal | Jeremiah 31 : 14 CSB

"I will refresh the priests with an abundance, and My people will be satisfied with My goodness. This is the LORD's declaration."



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