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Shaun and LaSheka Johnson have been together 17 years and married for 15 years since August 13, 2005. This dynamic couple has been writing, composing and ministering through music for about 8 years of the 15 years of marriage in their local churches and an arena of other events. Two Breathe has a very distinct and powerful sound that is an arrangement of the Word of God and Revelation from the Holy Spirit. LaSheka, the psalmist of this duo is an Apostle of the Lord, Prophet to the nations and Psalmist. She sings songs of the Bridegroom, Bride, songs of deliverance, spiritual songs, psalms and hymns.  LaSheka is also a native of Los Angeles, California born and raised. She moved to Chicago, Illinois where she met and married Shaun while working in ministry. Shaun is a native of Chicago, Illinois born and raised. Shaun walks in the five fold ministry office of a Apostolic Prophet which he displays daily. He is a Priest, Teacher, Prophet, and Minstrel who plays the Trumpet, and Shofar. Shaun also writes and composes all music for Two Breathe. Shaun and LaSheka are now residents of Dallas, Texas and understand God puts marriage together for a purpose. They believe that purpose was to build in Dallas, Texas and release the sound of Heaven in that region. They believe another one of their purposes here on earth in regards to Sound and Song is to tell people about God through songs, music, and teaching others to be skillful and anointed to be the song of God over His people. Every person is unique in its own way and God has gifted us all with a sound.

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